Vancouver Condos Sales Dropped 2/3 | 溫哥華公寓買賣跳水式下滑

Vancouver Condos Sales Dropped 2/3 | 溫哥華一百萬的公寓買賣跳水式下滑

Following the detached homes, Vancouver Condo sales dropped as well

Vancouver Condos Sales Dropped 2/3 | 溫哥華公寓買賣跳水式下滑:According to Sotheby’s International Realty Canada report:  $1 million-plus condos sales have plunged by 2/3 year over year.

There were only 86 condos sold on Jan and Feb 2019, compared to 254 units sold in 2018 (same period of time), that was a big dropped.

Overall, sales of $1 million-plus homes which included condos, townhome and houses fell 52% in the first 2 months of 2019, compared to 2018’s Jan and Feb, there were 576 sold.

In the Vancouver housing market, all houses are almost entirely over $1 million-plus, had seen steeper sales volume declines than the condo market, however, the slowdown seems to settle a bit.

The Sotheby’s report said, “The $1-2 million segments of the market saw the most activity, however. Sales experienced a 21% reduction.” Steeper year-over-year sales declines were seen in the market for homes between $2 million and $4 million, which saw a 48% drop.

In an interview, Brad Henderson – CEO of Sotheby’s International said that all types of properties are in the downdraft, but different property caught in the downdraft at a different time….. He also said:” The condo market was the asset choice for many buyers – 1st-time buyers, move-up buyers looking for a better location, and investors…Particularly Chinese investors, having a harder time to get the money out, plus buyer tax increase, all of this malaise among all the other buyer cohorts.”

Henderson observed that real estate cycles are both inevitable and self-fulfilling. He comments: In Vancouver, many people believe that in the down market the price can only go down; in the hot market the price can only go up. He reminds what goes up must come up.







苏富比总裁兼首席执行官Brad Henderson在接受采访时表示,“所有不同类型的房产都陷入了同样的下降趋势,但是在不同的时间不同的物業價格下降…公寓市场多年来一直是首选; 有许多买家群体 – 首次购买者,寻求更好位置的买家,以及国内和海外投资者. 尤其是中国投资者,由於他们更难以从中国获得资金,再加上买家增税,这导致所有其他买家群体的整体萎靡不振。“



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